Walking Squares with Old Map Man: National Gallery to Victoria Embankment

Oh, how self has missed the Squares Challenge!

It is so good to have Becky at Life of B back. For the month of November, the theme is Walking Squares.

Here’s another set of Walking Squares: London, June 2022. Old Map Man leads the best walks! We met outside the National Gallery, walked down small streets (Craven Lane was a memorable one), and ended up on the Victoria Embankment, when a thunderous downpour began. Self gives up too easily: even with the rain starting to come down horizontally, Old Map Man was quite willing to continue the walk. But self knew she had reached her limit and told OMM in a most urgent tone: “There is water inside my sneakers (dammit).”

Here are a few of the pictures she took, that memorable day:

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