Still Story # 6 of John Weir’s YOUR NOSTALGIA IS KILLING ME

Phil, who has a girlfriend, brings the narrator, who has a boyfriend, back to his family’s for Christmas Day (Is it weird that self has not spent Christmas with anyone, not even when son was living in the Bay Area, not since maybe 2014? She can’t even remember what she did last year. Most every year, she manages to be abroad on Thanksgiving and/or Christmas. So probably that’s what she should keep doing, for her sanity). Anyhoo, this part of the story is very funny:

  • Throughout dinner, Phil’s stepdad told gay jokes, not the fun kind, and Phil grinned and ignored me. Anybody could tell we were sleeping together because of how we never touched. I was a signifier for what couldn’t be said. Phil’s family was too absorbed in their compulsory heterosexuality to see that they had at least one gay man at the table. Or maybe that was how they noticed change, by pretending it wasn’t there. Maybe they thought fag jokes were what queers liked. I’m addicted to boyfriends with a hostile entourage.

Let me just tell ya, passages like the above had self rolling on the floor.

Stay tuned.

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