Lens Artists Photo Challenge # 220: One Subject, Three Ways

To explain this challenge, P.A. Moed quotes Shivanand Sharma:

Working a shot is the photographers’ way of refining the shot; to make an extraordinary imagery from the ordinary scene. It is just like a writer wandering about for the plot of story or a painter re-working his canvas for a finished outcome. 

Shivanand Sharma

Self had quite a hard time settling on a subject. So many possibilities! Which shows how many pictures she actually takes: for her, framing is all.

But, finally, she settled on her newest rose, Moonlight Romantica, bought just this past spring. It has entertained her with its beauty for months — all summer, in fact. It is not blooming right now, so these are pictures she took in July. (In addition, it has grown to a great height: it’s almost 5 feet right now)

The colors change gradually: from the bright orange of a new bud, to a pale yellow when first unfurled, to almost white when past its prime.

Moonlight Romantica rose, July

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