. . . a new decree was being printed: Jews are to be forbidden to walk on the pavements; they are required to wear a yellow patch, a Star of David, on the chest; they no longer have the right to use public transport, baths, parks, or cinemas; they are forbidden to buy butter, eggs, milk, berries, white bread, meat, or any vegetable vegetable other than potatoes; they are only allowed to make purchases in the market after six o’clock, when the peasants are already on their way home. The Old Town will be fenced off with barbed wire and people will only be allowed out under escort — to carry out forced labour. If a Jew is discovered in a Russian home, the owner will be shot . . .

— life and fate, pp. 83 – 84

6 responses to “Forbidden/Verboten”

      • Again. Yes, very unnerving,and if government goes any further with Eugenics we’ll be back.
        It is my belief they are achieving it through economics here in that the elderly and disabled poor have little access to certain necessities. My wife is 73, multiple disabled, her wheelchair needs replacing and they won’t. Our combined Pension comes nowhere near to covering it. Many of those in our street cannot afford to visit a doctor. The fees are about 1/3 of our pensions.

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      • The only good thing about the American health system (which is class-based) is that, after the age of 65, everyone gets to go on a system called Medi-care, where you then get access to top-level care. But not until you are 65. I feel so bad for your wife! And for you. The doctors’ fees — are you in the United Kingdom? NHS — not the best system, if you are.


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