Winners and Honorable Mentions, Cleaver Magazine’s 2022 Flash Contest, Judged by Meg Pokrass

Ever since Cleaver Magazine published self’s story Toad, a few years ago, she has had a soft spot for this scrappy little independent publication, based in Philadelphia, a city always close to her heart because that was where Dearest Mum studied piano (at Curtis) and where Dear Departed Sister got her MBA (at Wharton).

Given how they were already operating on a shoestring budget, self offered fervent prayers that they would somehow make it through the pandemic, and they have!

Today, they announced the winners and finalists of their 2022 flash contest. Let’s give all the winners and honorable mentions a big hand!

First Place: Sabrina Hicks, “When We Knew How to Get Lost”

Second Place: Janet Burroway, “The Tale of Molly Grimm”

Third Place: Dawn Miller, “The Egg”

Honorable Mention: Laura Tanenbaum, Fannie H. Gray, Andrea Marcusa, Lisa Lanser-Rose, Andrew Stancek, Luke Tennis, Emily Hoover, James LaRowe, Paul Enea, Kris Willcox, Christina Simon

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