Self Wrote a Story

It’s in the latest issue of The Citron Review.

Notes from Hedwicka Cox, Fiction Editor, on the issue’s Fiction Selections:

  • What is magic? Magic is dreaming. Magic is fantasy. Magic is speculative. When we think of magic, we think of the unreal, the ethereal.

So, yes, her story is about magic.

Self has another kind of tale, somewhat different in tone, which came out in Menacing Hedge earlier this year. It’s called Down.

She has another story coming out spring 2023, in J Journal. That one’s about a ship that discovers, completely by accident, a city at the bottom of the ocean.

Much love to all the editors of these hardworking little magazines, for giving her stories space to be shared. These stories are in a collection she’s been entering into contests. But they haven’t made it to the longlist, anywhere. Maybe they are just too different.

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