Cellpic Sunday: Kurosawa in Palo Alto

The Stanford Theatre has been a fixture on University Avenue in downtown Palo Alto since self was a grad student. It closed on March 2020 because of covid restrictions. It re-opened, finally, in July 2022.

This weekend, they’re having an Akira Kurosawa retrospective. Last night, self watched Seven Samurai.

What. A. Great. Movie.

The audience was a little subdued, until the second half. Then, there were scattered cheers as the samurai began to do their thing. By the end, the whole theater was clapping. Now this is what movies are all about: the communal experience.

The owner of this theatre is David Packard, one of the founders of Hewlett Packard. Thank you, sir, for not letting this gem go down.

Posting for Journeys with Johnbo’s Cellpic Sunday.

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