Circe, p. 33

Circe is proving to be an excellent read!

The title character is a subversive spirit, giving nectar to the bound Prometheus (his whipping scene is quite something, don’t anyone tell her that women can’t write ‘gruesome’), unable to staunch her curiosity about mortals. Here she has her first glimpse of a very special mortal:

“There,” Aeetes said, leaning close to my ear. “Look.”

He was pointing to a mortal, a man I had not noticed before, not quite so huddled as the rest. He was young, his head shaved clean in the Egyptian style, the skin of his face fitted comfortably into its lines. I liked him. His clear eyes were not smoked with wine like everybody else’s.

“Of course you like him,” Aeetes said. “It is Daedalus. He is one of the wonders of the mortal world, a craftsman almost equal to a god.”

Circe, by madeline Miller, p. 33

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