Circe, by Madeline Miller

Have been resisting this book for a good long time, finally got down to reading it today.

Oh, the voice is marvelous!

Circe and Prometheus have their first conversation while Prometheus is manacled to a wall, his back filleted by a Fury:

Prometheus: The only thing they share is death. You know the word?

Circe: I know it but I do not understand.

Prometheus: No god can. Their bodies crumble and pass into earth. Their souls turn to cold smoke and fly to the underworld. There they eat nothing and drink nothing and feel no warmth. Everything they reach for slips from their grasp.

A chill shivered across Circe’s skin. “How do they bear it?

Prometheus: As best they can.

CIRCE, by madeline miller, p. 22by

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