And the Next Read Is: The Homewreckers, by Mary Kay Andrews

Wow! Self zoomed through Eyes of the Void, she was so hungry to get caught up on the plucky crew of The Vulture God. Idris gets kidnapped again, but this time he sides with his kidnappers. Honestly? She was happy when he got slapped by a kidnapper who was so tired of his “gormless” affect. Solace manages to reach him and he goes No, I have stuff to do, I am not going with you. Solace, apart from being an all-around awesome Warrior Woman, also has the patience of Job, to put up with this kind of boyfriend! She says he went “all native.” To say the least!

Self pulled The Homewreckers out of an article on Beach Reads that appeared in the Wall Street Journal a couple of weeks ago. A few quotes from the article, by Ellen Gammerman:

  • “Beach reads” are “loosely defined as any engrossing tale released for summer.”
  • Beach books sell well when people who don’t have time to read say, “This is the one book I’m going to pack when I go to the Jersey Shore.”

Anyhoo, this is the first title in a long list she pulled from the article, and she had it on hold for a couple of weeks before it finally landed in her hot little hands. So she won’t give out the rest of the titles, because that might make her wait for these books at the library longer!

Stay tuned.

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