Landing on a Planet (Populated by Bugs)

The bugs in question are the Hanni, same creatures as the Vulture God’s crew member Kittering. The planet is a “dry world” named Ittring.

There are no landing pads. The control tower has a gravitic engine. You maneuver your spacecraft close enough to let “the invisible hands of docking control” latch onto the ship.

Then Solace, Kit and Kris walked gingerly down the ramp with nothing but a three-hundred metre drop through empty air beneath them.

— Eyes of the void, p.300

Further, because the writer is Adrian Tchaikovsky, and he is incapable of creating a universe without also describing each and every inhabitant’s life cycle, here’s the life cycle of the bugs (Hanni):

All Hanni were male, until they finally went home and settled down. Which consisted entirely of fertilizing the eggs of a female. They then became female themselves and laid their own eggs. After which they died.

— eyes of the void, p. 303

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Much excitement to come.

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