Kris Almier, Idris’s Dueling Lawyer

Love her. Maybe second only to Myrmidon Solace.

Wait, what about Olli Timmo, feisty captain of the Vulture God? Self loves her, too!

Whatever. This series has some really kick-ass women characters. Adrian Tchaikovsky better not off any of them in Book 3.

Ishmael Commercial Courts: Lawyers’ Duel between Kris and Mortin, an ignorant lout

Mortin took the initiative then, very direct, much like his advocacy style. She gave ground, hyper-aware of the space she had to work with. She was grinning, she realized. Also bad form but she couldn’t help it. She hated dueling, right up until the moment she actually found herself doing it.

— Eyes of the void, p. 58

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