There should be an Apple museum somewhere in the world. Or maybe the stores are the museums. Dunno, but this paragraph, which is in the chapter describing how the iPod came to be, is blowing self’s mind. (Oh, you didn’t know self was alternating between Adrian Tchaikovsky’s space opera Eyes of the Void and Walter Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs? Well now you know!)

The most Zen of all simplicities was Jobs’s decree, which astonished his colleagues, that the iPod would not have an on-off switch. It became true of most Apple devices. There was no need for one. Apple’s devices would go dormant if they were not being used, and they would wake up when you touched any key. But there was no need for a switch that would go “Click — you’re off. Good-bye.”

— Steve jobs, by walter isaacson, chapter thirty: the digital hub: from the itunes to the ipod

Self had to type the citation for the above quote “blind.” She couldn’t see what she was typing: it was being blocked by the “+” sign of the “add block” function. Great design there, WordPress! She finally got it right, with no mis-spellings, but it took about six tries.

Block editing is so clunky. Hate it. Self can just imagine what Steve Jobs would say. Whoever dreamed up the transition to block editing for WordPress was NO designer.

Stay tuned.

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