Quote of the Day: Walter Isaacson

Come on, you knew the Quote of the Day would be from that one book that it’s taking self weeks — weeks! — to get through. Sorry if you’re really getting sick of all the Steve Jobs references, but — hey, we are talking about self’s life, here! She went to Stanford, she still lives near Stanford, and every time she’s due for an upgrade, there is only one store for her, the Mother Ship. You know it.

Jobs held grudges, sometimes passionately, and Gassée was near the top of his list (Gassée headed Apple – Europe and was later brought over to be part of US operations by John Sculley), despite the fact that they had seemed to reconcile when Jobs was at NeXT. “Gassée is one of the few people in my life I would say is truly horrible,” Jobs later insisted, unfairly. “He knifed me in the back in 1985.” Sculley, to his credit, had at least been gentlemanly enough to knife Jobs in the front.

Steve Jobs, chapter twenty-three: what rough beast, its hour come round at last-

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