Jobs Strikes Back

This book is so entertaining. It’s way more entertaining than the movie The Social Network.

Jobs gets kicked off the board of Apple, forms his own company, NeXT, and hires the ad guy, the one who dreamt up that genius plan to get universities to buy Apples in bulk. This guy is no slouch: he’s a Princeton grad.

Sculley goes ballistic, Campbell (whoever that is) goes ballistic. Campbell not only goes ballistic, he calls the ad guy.

Wife of Lewin: Sorry, he’s in the shower. Can I take a message?

Campbell: I’ll wait.

(After five minutes)

Wife of Lewin: He’s still in the shower.

Campbell: I’ll wait.

It takes three “I’ll waits” to get Lewin on the line.

Campbell to Lewin: Is it true?

Lewin: Yes.

Campbell hangs up.

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