Next on the Reading List

Can you believe it’s been eleven years? Self can’t believe it, either.

When the news first broke that he had died, she found herself in front of the Apple Store on University Avenue in downtown Palo Alto. People had left post-its on the glass, and bunches of flowers on the sidewalk.

She has four MacBook Airs, including the original model. The last time she saw her nieces and nephews, visiting from the Philippines (this was in the Jurassic), they found the first one in a drawer, lifted it out (It weighed about eight lbs) and said, “Tita, this belongs in a museum!” Har har har!

She brought the second MacBook Air on a trip to India 10 years ago. At the end of January, she was in Dharamsala. She was huddled on the bed under four blankets, teeth chattering. The wifi kicked out, she went running to the lobby, the two brothers who ran the inn grabbed her MacBook and ran off with it, self gave chase, mistaking their intentions. But no! They only wanted to examine it more closely: they looked under, over, marveled at its superlative slimness and weightlessness, and then another guest came down and then three men were staring at her MacBook Air and passing it around and . . .


She’s just on the Introduction, but there. Are. So. Many. Stories.

Stay tuned.

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