Albert, Smartest Kid in the FAYZ

Still reading Hunger, Book 2 of The Gone Novels. FAYZ stands for Fallout Alley Youth Zone. It’s the name the kids of Perdido Beach, California have given their little dystopia, where no one is over the age of 15.

Albert: “What you do if you have money, instead of just trading things, is you can have a market where everyone brings what they have to sell, right? All in one place. And everyone is walking around with pieces of gold, not their fish, or a wheelbarrow full of corn or whatever, trying to make deals.”

Quinn: “Either way, I’m standing around with my fish. Either I’m walking around selling them at this market of yours, or I’m standing still and people are coming to me to trade, but either way — “

Albert: “No, man. Because you’re selling fish to someone who sells it to other people. You need to be out fishing, because that’s what you’re good at. Not selling fish. Catching fish.”

Hunger, p. 238

Self: this is good advice for you. Stop sending your work out. Just concentrate on what you’re good at: Writing. Get someone else to do the selling for you. Like an agent. An agent will take care of all the selling.

Stay tuned.

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