Italian Man (Angelo) Attempting Convo with Two English Children (Kate and Louie)

This book is hilarious! It’s just glowing with scintillating moments.

Dr. Ruth Galloway, usually so dour, is getting quite a vacation in Italy! She’s brought along her daughter Kate, her friend Shona, and Shona’s son, Louis. Their host is an archaeologist named Angelo, who knew Dr. Ruth from an archaeology conference twelve years earlier.

In this scene, Angelo meets the children for the first time:

“Do you like the beach?” he asks Kate and Louis, both of whom are staring at him.

“Sometimes,” says Kate judiciously.

“If there’s sand,” says Louis.

“There’s sand at Formia,” says Angelo. “Miles of sand. Not like Brighton beach. I went there once and I thought I was going to die. And the sea was so cold. Like ice.”

“There’s sand in Norfolk,” says Ruth, feeling an obscure loyalty to her adopted county.

“But the sea is always freezing,” says Shona, less loyal.

Kate chooses this moment to fix Angelo with one of her Paddington hard stares. “Are you a policeman?”

Angelo laughs. “No. Why?”

“My dad’s a policeman.”

Angelo shoots a glance at Ruth, who concentrates on her coffee.

The Dark Angel, pp. 89 – 90

Hugely enjoying — so far — this installment of the Dr. Ruth Galloway mystery series.

Stay tuned.

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