Back to Dr. Ruth Galloway

Having quite a hard time deciding on the next book to read.

This is from Book # 10 of the Dr. Ruth Galloway series (Self isn’t reading them in order — the build-up of angst would drive her crazy!)

DI David Clough and his girlfriend/baby mama Cassandra Blackstock are getting married! So happy for Clough — he’s been a loyal friend to DCI Nelson throughout the series. And Cassie is a member of the local gentry so they can look forward to inheriting Blackstock Hall one day.

There is a marquee on the lawn and a string quartet playing in the entrance hall. Ruth compliments Sally, Cassandra’s mother, on the decor.

“Oh, it was all Cassie’s idea,” says Sally, in her vague way. “But we’re planning to open the hall as a wedding venue, so if you know anyone who’s getting married . . . “

But Ruth’s friends are all mired in domesticity or getting divorced. Only her gay friends are still getting married.

The Dark Angel, p. 6

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