A tweak of the reading list, because the Katherine Addison novel is so short. So self is putting off reading it to prolong the pleasure of anticipation.

Besides, the movie adaptation of Where the Crawdads Sing is hitting movie theatres on her birthday. She’s got to finish reading it by then!

The improbable happens: Kya’s (usually drunk) father takes her fishing.

. . . she felt a tug, jerked her line, and raised a thick bream, flashing silver and blue. Pa leaned out and snatched it in the net, then sat back, slapping his knees and yahoo-ing like she’d never seen. She grinned wide and they looked into each other’s eyes, closing a circuit.

Before Pa strung it up, the bream flopped around in the boat bottom and Kya had to watch a distant string of pelicans, study the cloud forms, anything but look into dying fish eyes staring at a world without water, wide mouth sucking worthless air. But what it cost her and what it cost that fish was worth it to have this little shred of family.

Where the Crawdads Sing, p. 55

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