Still Photographing Public Art Challenge # 54: PUBLIC SQUARES

Thank you to Cee Neuner and Marsha Ingrao, co-hosts of the PPAC Challenge!

I had a little free time today, so I went browsing through her archives for more public squares.

Here’s Arthur Square in Belfast, which I visited for the first time in April. Thank you to Marsha Ingrao, whose comment led me to do some googling. I found the name of the artist: Dan George. The piece is called “Spirit of Belfast” and was installed in 2009.

I went exploring down a side street (look at those curving, banner-like things, so futuristic) and found myself in the most fabulous indoor shopping center I had ever seen: very modern, gleaming with high-end shops, and not at all crowded! The curving structures are actually an art installation called “The Masts.” They are on Donegall Place. There is a better picture of them here. They were installed in 2011.

From the Wikipedia page List of Public Art in Belfast:

  • The eight copper-clad lighting masts reflect Belfast’s maritime heritage and are named after White Star Line ships built in Harland and Wolff. They are: Titanic, Oceanic, Olympic, Brittanic, Laurentic, Celtic, Nomadic, and Traffic.

4 responses to “Still Photographing Public Art Challenge # 54: PUBLIC SQUARES”

  1. Marianne, you found some modern public art. I wonder what the story is on that one. It’s quite unusual. I can see why you like Belfast. It’s so clean and bright.

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    • Marsha, I found out the name of the artist who did the modern sculpture in the Belfast Square. I’ll add the info to my post, and put a link. I also found out that the art in the other picture, the one on the street leading from the square, is an installation called “The Masts.”

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      • The circular sculpture is called “Spirit of Belfast.” “The Masts” were on a street leading off from the square, Donegall Place. I put a link to my post to the wikipedia page where it gives other info on the work(s).

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