Six Word Saturday: Alice Neel at de Young Museum

This was the first exhibit self saw at the de Young Museum after getting back from the UK. It was a knockout. Alice Neel ROCKS!

Thanks to Debbie Smyth at Travel with Intent for hosting this fun challenge!

  • Left Top: Robert Avedis Hagopian, graduate of Los Altos High, classical pianist, at age 26 (10 years later, he was dead of AIDS)
  • Center Top: Thanksgiving (LOL LOL)
  • Bottom Left: Fuller Brush Salesman (The story of this is pretty wild: Dewald Strauss came to Neel’s door to pitch his fuller brushes, and she persuaded him to sit for a portrait. He never told his family. After Strauss’s death, his son saw his dad’s portrait in an Alice Neel exhibit and said, That’s DAD! He got in touch with Neel and thanked her for preserving his dad’s memory for posterity)
  • Bottom Right: Ginny, who was living with one of Neel’s sons in San Francisco and became Neel’s daughter-in-law
  • Large picture: Hartley, Alice Neel’s younger son, who at that time was in medical school and thinking of dropping out because he couldn’t handle the anatomy classes. Hartley was 25 and depressed when he sat for his mother. You can see the disaffection so clearly on his face.

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