Photographing Public Art Challenge # 54: Public Squares

Self’s favorite public square is the Great Courtyard of the British Museum. OK, technically it’s not a square (lol), It’s a CIRCLE.

The last time she was in London (May this year: She saw the Stonehenge exhibit and the one on feminine power), she took an architectural tour of the Museum (free). It was fascinating (though too short). The guide led us outside, told us about the architect, then led us to the great courtyard, and said it was the largest covered public square in the world. Self had no time to look up this one particular fact. But she loves the Great Courtyard, regardless.

She used to hang out here almost every day, when she stayed at The Penn Club on Bedford Place (The Club has since closed — WAAAH!). She’d pick a quiet corner and work — wi-fi was, and is, free. The food concession stands sold affordable soup, salad, and pastries. Right across the hall was the Rosetta Stone. What’s not to love?

Last spring it was packed like a market square. Self was a little thrown by the number of people, most of them unmasked. But she came home without catching covid, go figure.

Posting for Marsha Ingrao and Cee Neuner’s Photographing Public Art Challenge (PPAC).

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