“What’s That?”

There’s a new character in Dr. Ruth Galloway’s orbit, a new hire in the Archaeology Dept. In fact, Ruth herself hired him, because she’s now Head of Department. This new hire, though, is a fairly annoying sort, because he is so inquisitive, and pops up everywhere, and Ruth catches herself feeling chagrin that it can’t be Nelson instead. Which is bad for Ruth’s emotional well-being.

Worse, he startles easily. At a dig, he looks up at a house, startles, and “let’s out an exclamation.” (p 168) “What is it?” says Ruth. “Nothing,” says David. “Just . . . I thought I saw something . . . someone . . . at the window.”

A page later, Ruth has just gotten into her car (she was at a dig) and is “just searching for her water bottle when David says, ‘What’s that?’ ”

Why does he keep doing that? The man just popped up next to her car (they came in separate cars)

Stay tuned.

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