DCI Nelson on a Case

Nelson and another policeman, Mark, have been called to the site of a break-in when the occupant’s son, Paul, drives up.

“The police called me,” he says, addressing himself to Mark. “Apparently there’s been a break-in.”

“Yes,” says Mark. “Someone has broken the door down. We don’t know if anything’s been stolen yet. Could just be kids. Could be people looking for drugs.”

“Do you know that dog?” says Nelson.

“No,” says Paul. The dog thinks otherwise. It is sitting at Paul’s feet, looking up at him expectantly.

The Night Hawks, pp. 271 – 272

Nelson stalks back through the house, throws open a door, and tells Paul:

“Someone’s feeding that animal,” he says, pointing at the dog, who is now gulping down food from its bowl.

“I don’t know who that could be,” says Paul. At the sound of his voice, the dog looks up and wags its tail again.


Self is quite enjoying this installment of the Dr. Ruth Galloway series. For the most part, Ruth keeps her wandering hands to herself, except for one scene fairly late in the novel when, abandoning all sense of propriety, she wraps her arms around the very much married Nelson’s waist.

You didn’t know Dr. Ruth Galloway was a stalker? Well, she is! Luckily, before she can push her advantage, a woman comes bursting in and interrupts the little tableaux. When will Ruth stop pining after this man? They are in the middle of an investigation! Nelson is married! He’s not in love with Ruth! This has been going on for 13 books!

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

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