Sam the Man!

Sam has a plan to rescue the town of Perdido Beach, California from killer bugs AND baddie Drake.

You GO, Sam! That’s right, never give up!

As he thinks aloud, Toto stands helpfully by his right shoulder, very forthcoming with the ad libs.

Sam: Could Jack do it? If he doesn’t want to, I could do it.

Toto: Yes, Sam would.

Sam: Dekka can fly, that’s her superpower.

Toto: That is true.

Sam: I can find a car with at least a gallon of gas and go tearing for Perdido Beach and maybe beat the bugs.

Toto: Sam believes he can, it’s true.

Everyone ignores Toto, but the kid stands just to the side, saying to himself, “That’s not true” or “That’s true.” Do not ask me HOW this scene works, but it is HILARIOUS.

Stay tuned.

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