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Trigger Warning: Killer Bugs, and Drake

So many characters in Plague. Each one has his/her/their own story arc, but she’s beginning to develop affinities.

The insects are coming! They’re led by this bad, bad boy named Drake who, even before the crazy time when all the adults disappeared from Perdido Beach, California, was mini-Jeffrey Dahmer, “burning frogs” and “microwaving a puppy” (!!!) He’s absolutely nuts and becomes a kind of Lord of the Bugs, with his own bug army, which he is leading back to town to kill all the kids.

Just then a rush of bugs, a new column of the creatures came over the ridge and poured into the mass of Drake’s army. Different. These had bloodred eyes.

They were not alone.

Brianna stood, arms on hips, glaring down at him.

“You!” Drake said.

“Me,” Brianna said.

To the creatures he said, “Red eyes, serve me! To the town. Kill everyone but Nemesis!”

“You talking to these bugs now?” Brianna said. “I have to tell you: I don’t think they speak psycho.”

“Blue eyes, with me!” Drake said. “Two columns, two armies: blues with me, reds back to town and kill. Kill!”

“What exactly do you think you’re doing?” Brianna demanded.

“Me?” Drake laughed loudly. “I’m going on an epic killing spree.”

“You’ll have to go through me,” Brianna said.

Plague, p. 308


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