Fan of . . . Parades

Happy Fourth. Despite the hard times this country is undergoing, self couldn’t miss her hometown parade, the first since 2019. She parked in the Safeway lot at Sequoia Station and found a good vantage point at the corner of Jefferson and Middlefield. Stood with a family of Latinos, and everyone cheered and waved. There was a Sequoia High School Student of the Year (Picture # 1), the Women Marines’ Association (Picture # 2), the Boy Scouts (Picture # 3), kids and dogs (Picture # 4) and all kinds of random people holding small flags. There was a Black Lives Matter float and a Miss California float. We are still ONE NATION.

Posting for Jez Braithwaite’s Fan Of . . . Challenge.

Got home, switched on the news, heard the news about Highland Park, Illinois.

There are no words.

2 thoughts on “Fan of . . . Parades

    1. I never missed a year until the pandemic. And was so sad when I got home and heard the news about the shooting in Illinois. But it was good to see people out and celebrating the Fourth like they used to do.

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