Further Into The Lantern Men

Today, self returned The Last Graduate to the library, having read to p. 80. It was so . . . talk-y? And she’s not that into Dark Academy fiction — there is a reason she never got into Harry Potter.

She is plowing on with The Lantern Men. The Cathbad/Judy sections are quite enjoyable. As are the Ruth-takes-Kate-swimming-and-gets-palpitations section. There was one sweet Ruth/Nelson scene (No touching, no what-ifs, just a pleasant conversation in a country pub. Oh well done, you two!)

Ruth stays late in her office in Cambridge University and hears strange sounds. These turn out to be the janitor (Pheeew!). Then she takes her 11-year-old to see the girlfriend of a serial killer because she’s imposed too much on her boyfriend already, she can’t ask him for one more babysitting favor. This creepy girlfriend has been writing threatening notes to Phil Trent (Ruth’s former boss), Phil Trent has just been attacked by an unknown assailant with a knife, and Ruth takes her daughter to see her. WHY, RUTH, WHY?

While Ruth converses with the girlfriend of the serial killer, she leaves her 11-year-old unattended outside. It’s quite safe, right? Right? What could happen? When Ruth looks for her daughter afterwards, her daughter is conversing WITH A STRANGE MAN. He says he’s the gardener but there is something really shady about him.

This is one of those moments when self thinks maybe she should have stuck with The Last Graduate a little longer. But here we are. (She’s well on her way to meeting her 2022 Goodreads Reading Challenge of 37 books — 12 of those books are the Dr. Ruth Galloway series. Who knew?)

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

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