The Last Graduate, p. 6

Taking a break from the Ruth Galloway series and turning to science fiction. The Last Graduate is Book 2 of a series, and self hasn’t read Book 1, but she’ll just wing it.

From what she has gleaned in the first few pages, it’s about students who are trapped in an evil school called the Scholomance that wants to devour them. And it is told in first person, past tense, which feels like a significant choice in itself — the entire Ruth Galloway series is told in third person present tense.

  • I wasn’t used to anyone inquiring after me, or for that matter even noticing when I’m upset. Unless I’m sufficiently upset that I start conveying the impression that I’m about to set everyone on fire, which does in fact happen on a not infrequent basis.

The Scholomance is like a massive clock. Nothing is stable. One gear will shift, and entire floors shift. The closer one gets to graduation, the closer one gets to being “eaten” — self is still trying to figure out this universe, but seniors rarely get assigned a room on higher than the third floor. So the “eating” is done on the ground floor?

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

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