The Very Posh Randolph Smith and His Mum

Still avidly reading A Room Full of Bones, #4 in Elly Griffiths’ smashing Ruth Galloway mysteries. Self brought it with her to read on the train to London today. DCI Nelson’s become deathly ill after a trip to Brighton with his wife, the beautiful and saintly Michelle. Whitcliffe, Nelson’s boss, is not that dumb: he makes Judy Johnson the SIO. This earns her the resentment of David Clough, who thought he should have been named SIO.

Anyhoo, self loves the case: all to do with a lord who owns a stable of race horses and a museum, and his dysfunctional family: eldest daughter Tamsin, a London yuppie; only son Randolph, a handsome wastrel who reminds Judy of Robert Pattinson; and good-looking yet lost youngest child Caroline (who may or may not be appearing in future books; self thinks Caroline makes a good partner for Cathbad).

Judy gets Clough to go with her when she pays a visit to the family, where they are entertained by Randolph (who surprisingly seems a lot less wan after SPOILER his illustrious father’s untimely death). What really kills is the conversation between Randolph and his mum Romilly (a noblewoman with the heart of a bleeding liberal, who would have thought) after Judy and Clough leave:

“They’ve gone,” he says.

“Was it Nelson? He was quite bright, I thought. Not your usual policeman.”

“No, the woman. Judy something. And another man. Rather an oaf but good-looking, if you like that sort of thing.”

A Room Full of Bones, pp. 232 – 233

Up to this point in the series, David Clough has been distinguished for three things: being a little thick, being utterly loyal to his boss Nelson, and being a junk food addict. Self imagined Clough as looking like John C. Reilly, that curly-haired actor who is in a lot of indie movies and has a vague resemblance to Will Ferrell. Now, Randolph the Robert Pattinson look-alike declares Clough is “good-looking”? So he is a bit like the Armand Gamache sidekick in the Louise Penny mysteries, Jean-Guy Beauvoir? Who IS an oaf, but is also handsome.

Stay tuned.

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