The Magician King: Quentin’s Horse, Dauntless

Did self mention that she thinks Dauntless is such a cool name for a horse? She has written a fable in which the name of the horse is Baucent. If only she had thought of a cool name for her horse, something like Unfazed. Or Hero. Or maybe even just Horse.

Anyhoo, Dauntless has other qualities, which self discovers on p. 16, when Quentin & Company run into Jollyby (She can’t stop thinking of the Philippine hamburger chain, JOLLIBEE), Master of the Hunt:

In one huge, leather-gloved fist Jollyby held up a large, madly kicking hare by its ears.

“Son of a bitch,” Dauntless said. “He caught it.”

Dauntless was a talking horse. She just didn’t talk much.

“He sure did,” Quentin said.

The Magician King, p. 16

Self is cracking up!

About that hare: “How do you sneak up on an animal that can see the future? Maybe it saw other people’s but not its own. The hare’s eyes rolled wildly in their sockets.”

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