Lens-Artists Challenge: BOKEH

Yesterday, the weather in Northern Ireland was pretty gloomy. It rained almost the entire day. No one, not even the most committed walkers, felt like going out.

Self had been fascinated by the window sills of this old stone house: moss grows on them. She’d been wanting to take a picture of the moss growing on the window sills ever since the first day she got here. Yesterday’s weather, combined with the Lens-Artists Challenge this week, motivated her to give it a try. Without further ado:

Self was photographing through a rain-streaked windowpane, hence the smudges.

Not sure what bokeh is? Here’s how Sofia over at Photographias explains it:

  • What is bokeh? We all have seen this effect; we have photos with it. The term bokeh was first used to distinguish normal motion blur from the blur obtained when things are out of focus. It literally means blur in Japanese. The Nikon website, after a more complex and technical explanation reduces it to simply this: “bokeh is the pleasing or aesthetic quality of out-of-focus blur in a photograph”. Personally, I believe a good bokeh is as important as the subject itself, it can really transform a photo from ordinary into something a little bit more special.

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