Introducing Forensic Archaeologist Dr. Ruth Galloway

“Why don’t you live somewhere more convenient?” her colleagues ask. “There are some lovely properties in King’s Lynn, or even Blakeney if you want to be near to nature.” Ruth can’t explain, even to herself, how a girl born and brought up in South London can feel such a pull to these inhospitable marshlands, these desolate mudflats, this lonely unrelenting view. It was research that first brought her to the Saltmarsh but she doesn’t know herself what it is that makes her stay, in the face of so much opposition. “I’m used to it,” is all she says.

The Crossing Places, by Elly Griffiths, p. 15

Yes indeed, self did finish reading The Leavers. Last night. It messed with her heart big-time. The ending was good. Four stars!

She’s glad to be reading a mystery, The Crossing Places. Mysteries feel more in line with her state of mind, these days.

Stay tuned.

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