One-Word Sunday: FAME

Travel with Intent’s prompt for the One-Word Sunday Challenge is FAME.

Here’s something dear to self’s heart: THE BENCH in the Oxford Botanical Gardens where Philip Pullman’s iconic characters Lyra Bellacqua and Will Parry meet once a year. Self visited the gardens in 2018, looking for this particular bench. It’s all the way in the back, there’s not even a sign. But she knew it was their bench when she saw these initials carved on it.

Will and Lyra’s Bench, Oxford Botanical Gardens

As self was taking pictures, a gardener nearby said, “Careful!” When she looked up, he said, “You might fall into another universe.” LOL

Self looked for other sites mentioned in Philip Pullman’s novels, even taking the bus to Godstow Abbey and tramping across a muddy field to reach the ruined walls of the old convent. When she returned, she tweeted about all the places she had visited, and out of the blue, the author himself tweeted to her, “Busy day.” Self wanted to DIE! The Master himself was aware of her lowly existence! This was in 2018.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

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