Monday Murals #1: Downtown Redwood City

First time for self to join the Monday Murals challenge! Self found it via Debbie Smyth’s Travel with Intent blog.

The murals are on the buildings surrounding one parking lot in Redwood City, California. Granted, everything looks a little seedier post-pandemic. Still, the murals are beautiful, a display of civic-mindedness and pride from the past.

3 responses to “Monday Murals #1: Downtown Redwood City”

  1. A lot of murals next to each other. Love the one with the flowers and the name “Pickled clothing”. Thanks for finding us via Debbie and joining Monday Murals. Hope to see you again. I’ve been reading about you being Filipino. My daughter lived in the Philippines (Batangas) for 3 years until the end of 2020 and we visited her and her partner there and loved our visit. Such friendly people 🙂

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    • You have been to the Philippines! I love you! I was last there in 2019. I’m from the south: Bacolod City, in central Visayas. Thank you for stopping by. Pickled has the best mural, I agree.


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