The Weekend Roundup (Letter ‘I’)

Here are the Instructions:

1. Starts with “I.”
2. A Favorite.
3. “I”nsect.
Tom 😀

  1. Starts with ‘I’: IMPROBABLE – In a very wee vintage shop in downtown Fort Bragg, DoOrwaRd, self found this magnificent print by “the foremost mushroom forager on the West Coast,” Billy Sprague.

2. A Favorite ‘I’: The opening sentence to self’s story, which appeared in Western Humanities Review last year: “I didn’t like the blind woman.” Apologies for the shameless plug, but she roamed all over her archives and didn’t find Irises or any other favorite thing beginning with an ‘I’ and was impatient.

3. Finally, Insect: Louise Bourgeois’s giant spiders at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, July 2018

Louise Bourgeois giant spiders at the San Francisco MOMA

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