The Unfortunate Marylanders

Not content with having preserved his Army from the British, Washington decides to order a counter-attack! (What if Zelensky ordered a counter-attack RIGHT NOW? Yes, I know. You’re welcome). The Marylanders were assigned to “the extreme left flank.” Unfortunately for the Marylanders, they were still under the command of John Sullivan, whose past debacles included: Long Island, Staten Island, and Brandywine. If self were a Marylander, she would run away!

Anyhoo, on the day of battle, the Marylanders “got lost.” Then, already behind schedule (they were supposed to rendezvous with the main army at 5 a.m., when the counterattack would begin), Sullivan “called a halt so that his men could rest and drink a bit of rum to fortify themselves for battle.” (!!!!!!) As a consequence, they did not rendezvous with the rest of their army at 5 a.m. as Washington had instructed. Instead, by the time they showed up at the rendezvous point, “the sun was already up . . . the British soon spotted the advancing column, and the artillery opened fire.” In response, Sullivan ordered the Marylanders “to assume battle positions . . . and advance across an open field.” One of the other commanders sent word that Sullivan should order a withdrawal. But he was on a horse and did not “watch where his horse was going.” The horse ran the officer “under a cider-press,” and the officer had to be carried from the field.”


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