Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #186: Low Light

Guest-hosting this week, Sofia from Photographias. Read her take on taking pictures in low light, her gallery is gorgeous:

  • I’m still quite proud of my first real low-light photo. It was taken inside Lisbon’s Cathedral, a 12th Century building in a Romanesque style, that is dark and refreshingly cool in a summer’s day. This feels like an intimate portrait of a group of friends. I could have reduced the shadows even further and get more detail, but I think I would be losing more than adding to the shot.

Here are self’s low-light shots, taken December/January in Mendocino on the northern California coast: That second picture is of Mary-Ellen Campbell’s kayak, which is strapped to the top of her car. We were going out to dinner. She flew with it to Mexico last week.

The large photo is of one of self’s favorite bookshops in the entire world: Gallery Bookshop, on Main Street. The other is a picture of Out of this World, corner of Main and Kasten, which sells telescopes, binoculars, cameras and science toys.

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