Prime Suspect, Blue Lightning

This is one of those multiple point-of-view novels, and the murder victim keeps slipping in and out of view. Damn! Who could the murderer be? The cook who was just fired by the murder victim? The birder who lives for his annual trip to Fair Isle? The older husband tired of his wife’s many infidelities?

Self has ruled out the dysfunctional sixteen-year-old stepdaughter, Perez and his fiancée, and Perez’s parents.

Jane, the cook, is so creepy! She’s been snooping in everyone’s rooms, opening laptops, rifling through drawers, etc. All from a desire to be helpful to the investigation. There is something she isn’t saying! And she is entirely too envious of others. And she’s manipulative. She’s as eager for attention as everybody else, but since she’s old and self-effacing, this fact is not immediately evident.

The Jane point of view, pp. 137 – 138:

  • Mary arrived just as Jane reached the lobby. She’d brought Perez’s fiancée with her. Jane thought Perez and this Englishman made a strange couple; Perez was so straight and silent, very Shetland despite the dark hair and olive skin, and Fran so full of energy and questions, stylish in a bohemian sort of way.

Self thinks it’s JANE! But since it’s only halfway, it’s probably not Jane.

Stay tuned.

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