The Fatalism (Spoilers If You’ve Never Read BLUE LIGHTNING)

The past few days, self has been completely intent on her reading. She read through Anne Cleeves’ Cold Earth, finishing the back half in one afternoon. Then she started in on Liberty Is Sweet: The Hidden History of the American Revolution, and read for two straight days, barely moving a muscle, just cherry-picking through it for the chapters with battles. And now she is reading Blue Lightning, the fourth book in Anne Cleeves’ Shetland series. And though at first she was confused because there is a character named Jane (and there is also a character named Jane in Cold Earth), they are two completely different Janes.

Then a reviewer — no, several reviewers — on goodreads gave away the ending. So now she’s in a hurry to finish. Which is a crying shame, because this is a very good book.

Anyhoo, Fran’s alive in this one. Jimmy Perez has brought her to Fair Isle to meet his parents. And self likes Jimmy Perez’s parents, a lot. And then, of all things, on the night of his engagement party, someone is murdered. And without even stopping to think about how this is very bad ju-ju for his future life, Perez just goes into action (guess it’s instinct) and starts interviewing possible suspects, which includes of course the partner of the murder victim. Self finds it really interesting how the suspect, an older man, describes the trajectory of his life:

I loved her, you know, from the moment I first met her. She was a bright postgraduate student then. I knew it was madness but there was nothing I could do to stop it. My wife and I were happy, settled, and I wrecked all that, in a clear-sighted, self-destructive series of actions that alienated my children and my friends.

Blue Lightning, p. 49

How inexpressibly tragic!

Stay tuned.

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