First Monday of February, 2022: COLD EARTH, p. 247

Can self say just how much she is enjoying Ann Cleeves? She never read the woman before, never watched the TV show either, and here she is starting with # 17 (aargh, TYPO: It’s Book # 7, not Book # 17) in Cleeves’ Shetland series.

There’s just enough backstory to have her intrigued: Jimmy Perez and his sad life, the Hays and their okay maybe a tad dysfunctional marriage, the two Hays boys, Andy and Michael.

And always there is mention of the oil. The oil. The oil!

And the weather, of course. Not huge mentions, of course. Just sentences here and there to remind you that weather is wet and it is usually cold.

  • They walked to the solicitors’ office along Commercial Street. Everywhere people were talking about the weather and turning their faces towards the sun.

This is one mystery where the whodunnit isn’t important. There’s a standard mystery woman, seen with different men, etc etc One of the happily married men will turn out to have slept with her, and that will provide the motive. Standard detective stuff.

She really likes the main character, Jimmy Perez. And his boss, Willow. There’s a little bit of angst brewing there. Perez idolizes his dead fiancée, Willow thinks she wants to start a family, etc

Stay tuned.

2 responses to “First Monday of February, 2022: COLD EARTH, p. 247”

  1. Think you might find it #7 in the series not #17.

    See if you can find the earlier books – starting at the beginning is best for this series, it fills you in on the characters and surroundings and how they relate to each other.

    Great series…..I’ve read all of the books and recommend them. Much better than the televised version – I only watched episode #1 and turned off dismayed at what they’d produced.


    • You are right! It’s #7 not #17. That said, I am so in awe of this writer! I’ve read a lot of mysteries — I like the Thursday Murder Club a lot — but this is Book 7 and it reads really “fresh.” There is no question that some series tend to decline in quality as the series lengthens — either the backstories flatten out, or a certain impatience creeps in. I don’t know how she does it. I read that she doesn’t live in the Shetlands any longer, but the sense of place is outstanding.

      I have two other books in this series. Not the first one, though. It’s just — I have a humongous stack of books to get through, most of them history, right now. But I am ecstatic to have discovered her!


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