Mitch McConnell: Winner Takes All

A piece about Merrick Garland in last week’s Economist has self thinking again about Mitch “Leader” McConnell, the state of America, and how we got here.

It is hard to pinpoint a moment at which the Republicans abandoned democratic norms for the end-justifies-the-means power politics that connects Mitch McConnell’s Senate leadership to Donald Trump’s demagoguery. Yet Mr. McConnell’s refusal in March 2016 to hold confirmation hearings for Merrick Garland, an appeals-court judge nominated by Barack Obama to the Supreme Court bench, is a top contender. Though both parties had hitherto been culpable of eroding the Senate’s tradition of compromise and restraint, Mr. McConnell’s ploy raised the damage to a new level. It suggested he would press for maximum partisan advantage at every opportunity, whatever the institutional cost.

The Economist, 22 January 2022

When Biden was elected, “Leader” McConnell delivered a curious speech during which he swore — swore — not to allow even one Biden bill to make it past the Senate floor.

In other words, it didn’t matter what kind of bill Biden presented to the Senate — good, bad, indifferent. Nothing would pass. Why? Because Mitch said so.

One year later, Mitch has made good on that pledge. He also succeeded in making Biden, who won on an unprecedented surge of American hope, look like a bumbling incompetent. YAY for Mitch McConnell winning and winning! Wonder what kind of President Mitch will deliver to the American people in 2024. Judging by his previous offering, in 2016, it will not be good.

Stay tuned.


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