#stillreading Conquering the Pacific

It continues suspenseful, with another journey to the Philippines, Lope Martin (veteran of the San Lucas) piloting a new ship, the San Jeronimo. Unfortunately, there is much intrigue, etc.

Someone guts the Captain’s horse (reportedly because the horse was drinking too much water and the men feared they wouldn’t have enough for the trans-Pacific crossing). Six days later, a sailor vents to the Captain’s son about the “wretched food and drink.” The Captain’s son pulls out a whip to put the sailor in his place, but the sailor pulls out a dagger, “forcing the young officer to retreat in a great commotion and go down to his quarters to fetch some soldiers.” The sailor is locked up below decks, but two days later is released by his friends, whereupon “he strolled around the deck as if nothing had happened in yet another display of blatant disregard for the captain’s authority.” The end for the Captain and his son comes that very night.

Stay tuned.

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