The Legazpi Expedition

Self had always assumed that this expedition left from Spain, but Legazpi left from Nueva España (New Spain, the name given to Mexico), from the port of Navidad. The date: Nov. 21, 1564, between 2 and 3 a.m. It was a quicker journey than from Spain, as it involved only one direct shot, straight across the Pacific, to the Philippines. There were no land masses to present physical impediments — only a vast body of water, and storms. Legazpi’s flagship was the San Pedro.

The flagship fired a salvo . . . crew members proceeded to untie the mooring ropes or lift the anchors while others raised the sails. Slowly, the San Pedro turned toward the immensity of the Pacific Ocean. Moments later, the other vessels went through the same motions. The fleet must have cleared the bay by sunrise and continued to catch glimpses of the Mexican coast for several hours.

Conquering the Pacific, p. 80

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