Anonymous, p. 15

Self knows who Anonymous is (It’s easy to find out: Her name was revealed by a German editor in 2003) but self will keep using the name under which the author preferred to write.

Self has been going back over the sections she has already read. Why? Because this woman is so alive, so present, so determined. It’s awesome!

. . . I’ve never seen anyone actually die. I expect that won’t be long in coming. Not that I think it could happen to me. I’ve had so many narrow escapes; I feel I lead a charmed life. Which is probably the way most people feel. How else could they be in such high spirits, surrounded by so much death? What’s clear is that every threat to your life boosts your vitality. My own flame is stronger; I’m burning more fiercely than before the air raids. Each new day of life is a day of triumph. You’ve survived once again. You’re defiant.

A Woman in Berlin: Eight Weeks in the Conquered City, by Anonymous

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