Rear Admiral Felix Stump

Admiral Clifton “Ziggy” Sprague manages to raise ONE admiral in response to his transmission of Come in please. Come in please . . . To any or all.

Don’t be alarmed, Ziggy, remember we’re back of you. Don’t get excited. Don’t do anything rash!”

Rear Admiral Felix Stump, commander of Taffy 2

There is something ‘off ‘ about Admiral Stump’s tone. Self can’t figure out what it is right away.

Oh! No expletives! If this were happening today, Stump’s response might be: “F@@ck! Don’t get excited!”

The American battleships in Leyte Gulf had also heard Ziggy Sprague’s transmission, but were prevented from coming to his aid by their superior, Admiral Kincaid, who made it clear that it was more important to protect MacArthur’s invading troops than to come to the aid of Taffy 3. Ziggy Sprague’s 13 destroyers and six carriers were on their own.

Oh my bacon! Stayed up half the night reading.

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