The Best Laid Plans

What is with this book? Self is still reading it!

She confesses she was so irked by a scene she read late last night — gobs of blood spilling out from a main character’s arm, of course he tried to kill himself, don’t even pretend to not understand what he tried to do — that she thought: Oh, if this much drama is happening on p. 81, do I really want to finish this book?

In the cold light of day, she realized that it’s precisely the characters’ intensity of emotion that’s been holding her in thrall since page 1. They don’t have to be rational, or even real, people — what’s important is that each emotion is truly intense, that it feels earth-shattering.

So she decides to keep on reading (besides, all the books she wants to read next will not be in this vein, for instance the WWII book, The Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors!).

Then she gets to Part Two, and suddenly the characters’ youth is over. They are PAST THIRTY, how did that happen? Since this book is 700+ pages, will it end with them at 70? She hopes not. She’s rather thirsting for some youthful high jinks.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

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