New Point of View: Elizabeth

Elizabeth is a CDC research scientist flown in from the US to meet with her counterparts in London. She wonders if she’ll be able to return to the U.S., seeing how chaotic things are becoming in Europe.

As she’s typing up her initial report to her superiors at the CDC, it hits her.

I’m trying to convey how unbelievably bad this is going to get and as I’m typing, I catch my breath.

My dad. My dad is in Jackson. It’s not close to Europe, sure, but this virus is going to make its way to the US soon if it hasn’t already. There have already been a few reports of the occasional case and surely it’ll mushroom in the next few days.

The End of Men, p. 56

Feels like Christina Sweeney-Baird correctly predicted EVERYTHING about the way this would go.

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