“They tend to plan it better”

Self is absolutely enthralled by this book. Especially by the Amanda point of view.

In the course of my career I’ve seen over a hundred girls, boys, men, women who’ve killed themselves in minutes, brought to the hospital still warm by parents and spouses who never imagined they would kill themselves. The ones who everyone was worried about go straight to the morgue. They tend to plan it better. My sons are alive because I have somehow kept this awful disease out of this house and away from them. But they are starving for my care and affection and I cannot give it to them. I don’t hug them. I don’t cook their food. I don’t go near them if I can possibly help it. I cannot be too careful when their lives are at stake.

The End of Men, p. 38

Except, now self has gotten vested in Amanda’s fate. And that is typically bad news for the character (or her husband. Or her sons). She was so vested in Sawyer’s fate in Record of a Spaceborn Few. And she was vested in Buddy Lee in the last book she read. It’s like she has a homing instinct for tragic characters. And those are the ones she lets into her imagination. Maybe she belongs in Scandinavia, in those chilly scenes of winter.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

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